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See guide to body condition scoring beef cows and bulls mf3274 for information on how to body condition score cattle. Breeding record book for cattle calving record book a4 b006. Demand for angus females at all time record high october 25, 2017 2. The calving book designed by ranchers for ranchers. Vaughn meyer of sodak angus ranch in western south dakota believes in a strong herd health program as a foundation to a successful calving season. We put all of your important cattle data on your phone in an easy to use format. Your bullmarketing plan, large numbers of calving heifers, or even working around a crop production schedule may force some inclement winterweather calving. Other products by rite in the rain outdoor writing products for outdoor writing people allweather tough writing paper sheds rain, sweat, grime, animal fluids and even survives a trip through the washing machine.

Aims is the recordkeeping software created for the american angus association and its members. Record keeping has never been easier now that you can do it right from your smartphone, tablet, or computer. For many producers, this is the end of record keeping, and this initial record keeping tool. If you do not wish to adopt a cow card system, two other useful records you can keep are a mating group record and a calving book. For recording purposes calving ease scores can be combined. Glasoe angus breeds for low maintenance, high performing cattle that thrive without a lot of fuss. Join farmers and ranchers in over 70 countries who are improving their cattle operations with realtime record keeping.

Meyer and his wife, lois, manage registered black and red angus cattle on their ranch near reva, s. Proceeds directly benefit the angus foundation and its mission of youth, education, and research. Aims is available only to american angus association members and affiliates. Our belief is that birth weight and calving ease ebvs are of secondary importance to prudent heifer management in determining the calving ease outcome each season. Record book this record book was designed for field use kept in truck, to record beef cattle and pasture records. I watched as the mother cleaned off the calves, she seemed to be focused on. This calving book survives laundering by troy smith for angus productions inc denver, colo. The red angus association of americas raaa customdesigned calving book meets the demands of calving season, plus contains all the information ranchers need at their fingertips to genetic, age and source verify their calf crop. You can pm me if you have any questions i can answer for you. Our calves depend solely on their dams milk and pasture grass for 205day gains. Above and beyond will get you a live calf on the ground but as a general whole lack bone and natural muscle shape.

Calving difficulty in beef heifers can be a major source of financial loss, due to a calf death rate of up to 10% in heifer herds and in some cases, loss of the heifer as well. Evaluate animals at weaning, 90 to 100 days before calving, calving, and breeding. American angus association online store product list. We are dedicated to producing top quality red angus cattle. The record book includes the following types of information. Experience the ease of keeping track of calving records with the calving book app. Record calf birth date, sex, and birth weight at calving for use in herd performance improvement programs. Items were personally curated to fit the aesthetic of any hardworking, yet stylish ranch lifestyle. The result is a heifer calving ease direct and heifer calving ease maternal epd, as defined below. Production records for commercial cowcalf enterprises unl beef. Your profit is the difference between these production costs and the sale price. It ran from 1960 to december 1989, first in the glasgow bulletin and then in the daily record and the sunday mail. Canadian calving and treatment pocket record book manitoba. Simple performance records for beef cattle breeding beef.

Data is easily searchable, syncs between multiple users and doesnt need cellular service to view information. Electronically register cattle using aaas spreadsheet template based on information in your cattlemax. Speaking of a record book, the other book that needs to be kept is the calving book. As calving season picks up steam make sure to try out calf book. This cloud based app keeps your records safe, even when your device isnt. By integrating cloudbased records, you, your family, and your continue reading description. The canadian calving and treatment pocket record book is available from your local mafri go office or centre. Since 1999, cattle producers all over the world have trusted cattlemax to cut their record keeping time, organize their records in one place, and maximize their profit potential. The raaa marketing team is again producing the official red angus.

The right tools are essential during calving season and a ranchers calving book is the guardian of vital information. That is a book that is fieldready and simple to use to record the events of the day as the cows are calving. A video of the new world record selling bull sav america 8018. Jul 19, 2017 check out our bse tested hereford bulls in stock. Printed on thicker 100gsm white paper for a quality feel, reduced show though and a more robust book. The american angus association store features both high quality, yet attractively affordable apparel and home decor. Angus og originally angus og is a comic strip created by scottish cartoonist ewen bain. Farming is rough when things dont go right but life is not kind when youre dealing with animals. Once a member purchases aims, a listing of their herd is sent to them on disk, and they can submit weights and manage their herd via aims and email. Let our marketing professionals help you reach a broader audience with your brand. But knowing which cows are not capable of rearing a good enough calf every year to hold their place in the herd is equally important for profitable beef production. Chappell red angus is a small 25 head cowcalf operation located in central pennsylvania. Everything you need to keep your records uptodate and your herd on track. Online store product list american angus association.

He did escape from the barn its amazing the way they get around for just being born. Cattle record keeping that works for red angus breeders cattlemax is the solution for red angus cattle records keeping complete details of your red angus herd is important for ranches of all sizes, from raising a few cows to managing a more extensive operation. The cattlemens black book american angus association. Th ese tools are designed for use in the everyday setting for recording the events that take place and when and where they happen. A pocketsized calf record book is a convenient record keeping tool.

The records submitted are utilized in the angus national cattle evaluation to. The raaa marketing team is again producing the official red angus calving book that will be available to producers. In an industry where the return on assets typically hovers around the 3% to 5% level, it seems critical that making management adjustments without some records is risky. Angus producers from across the country have kept herd records. Scoring beef cows and bullsmf3274 for information on how to body condition score cattle. One of our herd cows had been trying to have her calf for close to an hour, so we decided to get her up to the barn and into the calving pen so we could help. May 06, 20 it would seem like twins would just be a bonus, kind of like buy one get one free, but there are many problems with twin calves, the first and most well known issue is mother rejection of one of the twins click the link to read more on the subject at cattle management.

Dec 17, 2017 december 16th 3 black angus calves were born two died one was a heifer that got trampled. Commercial producers with interest in angus genetics have the angus beef record service brs as an opportunity to record performance data at all production levels on their cow herds and calf crops, regardless of breed composition. As always dont forget to hit the like and subscribe buttons and ring that little bell to get. Production records for commercial cowcalf enterprises. The american angus association is the nations largest beef breed organization, serving more than 25,000 members across the united states, canada and several other countries. Calving problems cost you money with the vet fees and deaths, and shortens the length of the cows reproductive life. Calving ease direct epd is expressed as percentage of unassisted births, with a higher value indicating greater calving ease in firstcalf heifers. We strive for balanced epds combined with structural soundness. Control of calving difficulty in beef heifers breeding. Angus black book app the cattlemens digital record keeping book. I am happy to hear that the 1621 beef calving book is helping to keep your cattle records safe from the elements. Understanding breedplan calving ease millah murrah angus.

As calving season hits stride in region, busy days, busy. This is a group record and not an individual record, although it does allow you to record details on individual cows within the group see the example below. Record the sex, birth weight, calving ease and weaning information. Rite in the rain beef calving record book qc supply. The occurrence of calving difficulty varies between seasons and properties, but under victorian conditions up to 30% of heifers may require assistance at calving. Many producers already do keep a calving book, but the statement is not a simple one. For the past month and a half since calving out his herd of 193 angus cows began, long nights are followed by even longer days. The books include short pieces of information and tips to help them through the busy period. Demand for angus females at all time record high angus. Deciding on the use of one calving season or two is a big first step, with many fall calving seasons having arose from elongated spring seasons, said glenn. Simply make a tally mark to reflect each cows bcs as you pass by as shown in the cow body condition record book mf3277. Our web based app comes with a free 30 day trial and you wont want to stop there.

Using native angus bulls, with no imported bloodlines, will help to shorten the gestation period of the calf, which leads to an easier calving. Nov, 2014 this year, saskatchewan producers are being offered record books to help them monitor their calving season. Orders are now being accepted for 2018 brsangussource calving books. It predicts the average difference in ease with which a sires calves will be born when he is bred to firstcalf heifers. There is though, no doubt that traditional heifer bulls are counterproductive to establishing long term built in calving ease for a breeding operation. Beef producers can use the rite in the rain beef calving record book to keep track of calves by id numbers and cow and sires.

The record sheets were designed for use in a looseleaf binder, which can be customized to each individual operation. Angus black book is a livestock record keeping app allowing commercial and. Report calving record or reason code for previous calving season if no record is reported females will be subject to inactivation in may. Record in the calving records any specific conditions or notes of interest, such as twin births. Mf185 cowcalf record book ksre bookstore kansas state. Twin calves have arrived on the farm home in the finger lakes. Our innovative angus black book commercial cattle record keeping app instantly sets up your cowcalf operation to start streamlining records. Welcome to the american angus associations herd management supply store. Designed to allow you to view each dam in your herd with details of each of their calves born 32 pages 14 charts size a4 297x210mm. Record keeping for herd improvement nsw department of. Slider has worked extremely well for heifers and quality of his calves have been outstanding. The cattlemens black book orders are now being accepted for 2015 brsangussource genetic calving books. The american angus association offers the pocketsized beef record service brsangussource genetic black books as a hasslefree, recording keeping option for producers.

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