Franky and bridget season 3 finale

Franky doyle is serving a 7 year sentence at wentworth and is the top dog at wentworth at the start of episode 1. Wentworth star nicole da silva spills on new season nz herald. Bridget westfall prisoner cell block h wiki fandom. Wentworth star libby tanner talks prison romance, season. Most people failed to notice the 6 feet tall and 3 feet wide wall franky doyle had built up around her in order to protect herself from everything and everyone.

Enlisting the help of both prisoners and officers, bea wages war with sadistic governor joan the freak ferguson. Franky commences her sessions with bridget, and admits to a desire for revenge against bea. Wentworth season 3 fridget scenes video dailymotion. Wentworth season 5 will be back today with a new episode titled nothing but the truth, where franky nicole da silva once again adjusts herself to life in prison. Bridget westfall wentworth season 3 part 1 video dailymotion. In episode 6x01 she is surprised by escapee franky, who shows up her doorstep, wanting to reconcile and ask for a ride. Vera and her new born daughter are home, but everything around her isnt as it seems. Season 3 of the drama series begins four months after the end of the second season, when bea danielle cormack murdered the man who gave her daughter an overdose. Franky and bridget agree to distance their relationship, as it is a potential violation of franky s parole conditions.

Franky doylebridget westfall works archive of our own. The third season of the television drama series wentworth premiered on soho in australia on 7 april 2015. Franky s trapped by her past, vera takes desperate measures to foil fergusons self defence plea, liz starts to regret her decision to testify against sonia. She learns from bridget jacqueline brennan that allie is still in critical condition. Facebook is showing information to help you better understand the purpose of a page. Bridget s breathing became shallow again and she shifted from foot to foot as she eyed franky knowingly. Truthfully, nothing has been released on the cast but we can at least we have the latest on the hit australian tv series.

Jul 03, 2018 this season is shaping up to be a great one, intriguing new characters and story lines. It is executive produced by fremantlemedias director of drama, jo porter. Franky doyle wentworth season 5 episode 3, scene 7 youtube. The end of season three has franky getting paroled and bridget picking her up outside the prison where the two finally get to share a kiss. Sales of turkishmade cologne skyrocket due to covid19. Franky makes a startling confession to bridget, and bea is attacked. Of course shed miss the girls in there, but the fact she got out and avoided any confrontation with the freak was an accomplishment. Bridget, who supports franky in her efforts to get paroled, is forced to leave the prison. Finale will be mixed for some but you cant say you werent thrilled the whole way. Apr 07, 2015 visit tunefind for music from your favorite tv shows and movies. Great acting as usual amazing music as usual just a great episode in general, it almost felt like it could have been the finale to the entire show. Bridget s feelings for franky develops far enough where bridget decides to quit because of the suspension from other prisoners and. Franky followed, looking around to make sure they were still alone.

Bridget is seen in the season 5 finale when franky makes her escape from wentworth. See actions taken by the people who manage and post content. Wentworth get season 3 on youtube advertisement autoplay when. The fourth season of the television drama series wentworth premiered on soho in australia on 10 may 2016. Franky is feeling the pinch as her drug supply is cut, and other prisoners demand that she settles her debts. Vera abandons her plans when she realise that she needs bridget s help to deal with ferguson, who is plotting to be released into the general prison population. Season four picks up four months after the fire at wentworth. Wentworth season 6 premieres june 19 only on foxtels showcase channel.

After receiving a life sentence without parole, bea smith assumes the mantle of top dog and asserts her dominance over the other inmates. Visit tunefind for music from your favorite tv shows and movies. But i think the season finale of season 3 gave clear indications that kaz will challenge bea as top dog, and well see a lot of that. Other main storylines have involved bridget s friendship with prison.

Wentworth franky and bridget season 3 keep me high youtube. Bea has languished in the slot while franky has risen to top dog. Watch bridget westfall wentworth season 3 part 1 anonymousanonperson on dailymotion. Ruby needs money so she heads back into fight club. I was highlighting key points regarding how the stories and characters of season 6 were all arriving at the same page, and how this episode was the one to remind us of just how far this series and its characters have come, but wentworth ensured i couldnt lead out with those. The final episode of wentworth season 5 was a doozy, with twists that left fans gasping what does it mean for the next season. It may just be wishful thinking but fingers crossed.

Season 5 of the drama series is back after the shocking finale of the previous season. Bridget learns that the gun belongings to ferguson. The women of wentworth prison face a highstakes power struggle in season 3 of the internationally acclaimed australian drama. A sneak peek of what is coming up on wentworth season 3. Luckily for franky, bridget westfall wasnt most people. Bridget later resigns from wentworth after her relationship with franky becomes too much for her to cope with and she resigns. Spoilers are up to and include 3x10 although it sort of spoils 3x12 now that my fic basically came true. Wentworth s6 ep3 franky and bridgets happy ending youtube. Bridget picks up franky when she is released on parole but theres something weighing heavy on her mind. But the big questions that fans have on their mind is will frankie and her love be a part of the new season of wentworth. Francescafranky doyle is an inmate of wentworth correctional facility and a. May 30, 2017 the relationship was complicated by frankys status as inmate and bridgets status as a wentworth employee.

Wentworth franky and bridget season 3 keep me high duration. Back inside, linda jacqueline brennan helps bridget find out where the card was last used. Da silva made her final appearance as franky during the sixth season episode bleed out, which aired on 3 july 2018. Back to the series itself and franky got her happy ending after all shes been through. Jun 26, 2017 hello and welcome to the recap of the finale of the rebuilding season of the best womens prison drama in the southern hemisphere. An archive of our own, a project of the organization for transformative works. May 14, 2016 watch bridget and franky takepride2704 on dailymotion. In season four, franky is living with her prison psychologist bridget westfall. Nevertheless, she admits that alibi will never work.

Bridget has been openly gay since late high school and is at home with herself. As fletch readjusts to work life, bea must forgo closely held morals as she engages in a secret plan to bring down ferguson. Finally she had gotten away from that hellhole wentworth. Us navy deploys two hospital ships as covid19 spreads. The sixth season picks up just days after the escape of franky doyle and joan ferguson.

When franky was paroled at the end of the season bridget was there waiting for her and the two finally got to share a kiss. It feels like this season sucked the remaining bit of life out of the series. Music from lonestar amazed blake shalton every time i hear that song zac brown band free. Prepare yourself for a scorching new season of the logie award winning outstanding drama. Bridget smiled and walked into the main part of the kitchen. I am really surprised franky was able to clear her name so quickly. Bridget westfall libby tanner seasons 3 6 is a forensic psychologist who works with the inmates at wentworth. Wentworth s05e03 nothing but the truth video dailymotion. The problem is the fact that much of this couldve happened five episodes ago. Franky says goodbye wentworth season 6 episode 3 foxtel duration. And weve now got a new governor, joan ferguson who is going to hammer down on the inmates. Bea agrees to a visit with kaz proctor to demand she and her group stop committing violence in her name.

Joan is led into the courthouse, while franky watches from a distance. She also works up close relationships with female staff including erica davidson and bridget westfall, with whom she starts a serious relationship with. Wentworths fourth season continues the series finelyhoned. Bridget, who goes above and beyond for the ladies of the prison might go a tad bit further for nicole da silva s character on the show. While the main focus will be the relationship between franky and bridget, other characters will be involved as well. Quick video as what franky says in episode 3, foreshadows jesss death and. Franky and bridget s relationship implodes as franky insists on fergusons. Francesca franky doyle is a fictional character from the television drama wentworth, played. Franky manages to find shayne outside of the courthouse and drags him to an empty alley. Bridget helps franky after her escape and bridget almost goes down for aiding and abetting an escaped criminal, but evidence is found supporting franky s claim at being set up, and she is released.

Vera forms an unusual alliance with bridget and franky to expose ferguson. Franky and bridget fridget set fire to the rain duration. Franky had previously told her she wanted a hot girl in a hot car to pick her up and drive off into the sunset. Bridget is introduced as the prisons new psychologist to help the inmates. Bridget westfall is a recurring character in australian television drama wentworth. Bridget is new to wentworth as franky as been them for a. E12 blood and fire recap november 20, 2016 december 30, 2018 by talkstoomuch everything is coming to a head on wentworth, the governor is losing it, fletcher is regaining it and bea is the puppeteer victim behind it all. The new psychiatrist, bridget westfall, identifies franky as someone she can help but. At the end of season 3 bridget picks up franky from wentworth in a snazzy sports car but in the first episode of season 4 she is driving a completely different car. Apr 07, 2015 season 3 of the australian prison drama series wentworth premiered april 7, 2015 on the subscription network soho. It was executively produced by fremantlemedias director of drama, jo porter. A new prisoner, unprepared for the tough world of wentworth, shocks liz. Unfortunately deputy governor vera bennett kate atkinson sees it and reports it. Franky is surprised seeing bridget in crutches, though bridget brushes her off, saying its nothing, i was rushing.

While beas revenge escape buildip was awesome, the middle of the season was kinda eh. The finale of wentworths fifth season delivered a onetwo punch to fans of the series. Ill probably watch the next season, but my interest in wentworth is beginning to wane. Wentworth season 3 jump to navigation jump to search. Bridget identifies as a lesbian, and has feelings for franky doyle, to which franky reciprocates. When bridget accuses joan of engineering the selfharm, joan manipulates vera into writing a statement on bridget and frankys relationship and has bridget resign. The episode ends with franky and bridget enjoying themselves outside together. Franky was released from prison on parole in the season 3 finale and worked as. Franky contacts bridget who discovers some information in imans documents. I hope so but, if not, at least franky gets her well deserved happy ending. Franky may no longer be top dog but shes not about to forget how liz. Okay, there are a lot of other amazing things going on in h block, but most notably is the season 3 addition of libby tanners compassionate yet hardass character, bridget westfall. Jan 08, 2016 bridget resists, but franky invades her personal space, touches her, flirts outrageously, and does her best to seduce her.

Wentworth, season 8 has been confirmed and is set to episode will air 2020. Have you ever fantasized about us franky winked, leaning into the kitchen counter eyeing bridget like prey. The new psychiatrist, bridget westfall, identifies franky as someone she can help but franky refuses to engage, plotting to get away from her angry customers by deliberately trashing the education unit. Best of fridget in under 10 min season 3 4 youtube. Joan yet again tortures jodie, leading jodie to stab herself in the eye to prevent jodies move into the general population. Allie confronts franky and asks about the card, which she helped steal. Frankys role was reduced in the fourth season and she was only seen in half of the episodes. There was an instant attraction between bridget and franky in series 3, and when franky was paroled, bridget will be waiting for her on the outside. My take on what could happen at the end of season 3 for franky and bridget. All 22 songs featured in wentworth season 3 soundtrack, listed by episode with scene descriptions. Franky was released from prison on parole in the season 3 finale and worked as a paralegal until being set up for mike pennisis murder in season 5 and returned to wentworth. Franky doyle bridget westfall works archive of our own. Previously on wentworth, franky and allie plotted their escape via the giant, personsize coffins the prisoners were inexplicably making for their window boxes.

The final table read for season three took place on 8 july 2014. Theyre such a great addition to the 3rd season that though i wish them a happy ending, i hope franky doesnt just get parole and just leaves. This series takes place after episode 9 in season 3, so i suggest watching it before reading. The sixth season of television drama series wentworth premiered on showcase in australia on 19 june 2018 and concluded on 4 september 2018. Franky s role was reduced in the fourth season and she was only seen in half of the episodes. Season 2 picks up three months after the events of that dramatic ballpoint pen ending.

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